Toolbox Talk Training - Communication Techniques Workshop

Are you concerned your supervisors aren't leading tool box talks effectively?

Supervisors are crucial in companies being best-in-class in safety.

Various studies show that supervisors drive your safety performance.  Importantly, where employees are able to more freely raise safety concerns because their supervisor encourages communication, fewer accidents occur.

We provide regular training sessions in Melbourne to (from $250+GST per person for a half day):

  • Provide 9 key creative communication skills, to open up your safety meetings and to encourage everyone to talk and collaborate together.
  • Improve group connection, so that staff at all levels feel that they are able to talk freely about their safety concerns, resulting in the correct number of injuries and issues being reported.
  • Run a toolbox meeting in an efficient, interesting manner, so that staff enjoy attending and supervisors enjoy leading.
  • Improves your safety culture, as poorly run toolbox meetings are a sign of a low performance culture.
  • Provide supervisors with the skills to influence and encourage staff to be accountable and take ownership for safety.

Finally, our toolbox talk training sessions can be tailored to your unique company requirements, but more importantly it will empower supervisors, to take your toolbox talks to the next level.