Induction Training Videos

describe the imageDo you need to get new starters trained effectively and consistently?

Induction training videos represent a powerful learning tool that engages and helps learners understand information instantly.  And they also help to decrease induction training time by around 52-69% making them highly cost and time effective.

But not all induction training videos are created equal.

At Digicast, we’re constantly updating our skills to discover the newest and proven methods of improving workplace training.

We do this because we want our clients to have the best training videos they could possibly have that will last a minimum of five years.

How Digicast Creates Induction Training Videos

To design highly effective induction training videos, we work on a four-step process:

  1. Discovery - The most important first step is finding out everything we can about your current training materials, process, audience, objectives and training challenges.
  2. Instructional Design Principles – Once we have all the information we need, we work out the best concept to explain the information to your staff.  From here, we then create a script that is based on proven instructional design principles to ensure that your staff or contractors will easily understand and remember the information.
  3. Filming – Filming a training video is more involved than you would think.  This is because to make information crystal clear every shot needs to be filmed so that viewers can instantly understand what is going on.  There can’t be any distractions or confusion.  Generally, for most procedures we get your staff member to undertake it at least three times, so we can film a close up, mid shot and wide shot.  This enables us to edit the information seamlessly, so that there is no confusion in the procedure.  After all, if the brain has to spend time trying to work out what is going on, important brain bandwidth will be taken up to decipher the shot rather than to absorb the information.  That’s a poorly made training video.
  4. Editing – We use a mixture of titles to reinforce important information and a range of other editing techniques to make your viewers understand the information.  If we can’t understand what we have edited, then we keep editing until it all makes perfect sense.

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