Sky Channel Interrupt Switcher

At a racetrack, you want punters to be able to see Sky Channel between the local races.

However, when the local race starts you want them to see the local pictures, not Sky Channel.  This is because there is a three second delay on Sky, meaning that the local PA audio and vision will be out of sync.  This makes the race experience a tad confusing for event goers

In the past, race tracks have needed a dedicated person to switch between the local race pictures and Sky Channel.

But not anymore.

Now, the “Digicast Sky Channel Interrupt Switcher” provides racing clubs with automated television channel switching from Sky Channel to local “live” race vision and then back to Sky.

This switching ensures that the vision and sound are in sync with the local PA and visuals of the race.  It also means no more operators required and no more human errors in getting the switching right.

Built and installed by Digicast, the Digicast Sky Channel Interrupt Switcher is a small 2RU rack unit that is very cost effective allowing racing clubs of all sizes the opportunity to deliver professional presentations on-course.

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