Race Caller's Console and Headset

Many race tracks today, leave the job of monitoring the audio feed to the race-caller who often has little technical ability in this area.

The caller does the best that they can with the limited resources.  We have seen callers use iPod style ear buds head sets with large cans/headphone over the top, and even have a speaker box on the bench to allow them to monitor more than one source.  To get these audio feeds they plug into a range of TVs and radios to get the right audio for race time.  This usually affects the broadcast output quality, with audio leakage, interference and earthing hum.

The “Digicast Race Callers Console” was devised to help all race callers monitor audio levels easily, so they can spend their time researching the next race, not working out audio feeds.

It also means no more poor audio quality for race-goers due to interference issues.


To get a clearer version of this diagram, download the Digicast Race Caller's Console Diagram.

The console has:

  • 6 source inputs
  • On/off button for individual ears
  • Volume control of each source for operator, plus balanced line drivers, with metering, for technical operator
  • Transformer isolation on each source
  • Mute button for microphone
  • Transformer isolation for broadcaster (Mic level)
  • 6 output line drivers, at line level, for broadcasters and PA system, all with metering and level control.

To find out more about the console, contact Digicast Racing on 03 9696 4400 or fill out this form.