Need to transform your safety meetings to be high performance?

The skills of supervisors and managers are crucial in companies being best-in-class in safety.

Various research studies have shown that positive communication relations between supervisors and employees improves safety performance.  Importantly, where employees are able to more freely raise safety concerns because their supervisor encourages communication, fewer accidents occur.

Digicast provides either a full day training session for supervisors and managers to learn about how to lead high performing safety meetings and toolboxes talks,  on-demand training or a training DVD.

Participants will learn the following skills:

  • Open communication - a variety of techniques to open up communication among team members, in order to build up trust and honest discussions.
  • Leadership skills - techniques will be taught to encourage a positive and harmonious meeting, to grow group intelligence by increasing the amount of safety solutions and actions.  Skills will also include how to increase safety accountability in the workplace.
  • How to run a safety meeting - Trainees will learn how to hold an inclusive tool box talk that engages.  All participants will learn how to use a new tool box talk template.