Safety Communication Consulting

Once a new company safety initiative has been launched, it is often felt that all the hard work has been done.  The reality is that it is only just beginning.

Similar to launching a new website, once the new site is up the important work starts.  Savvy marketers know that you need to continually test different pages and keep tweaking until you get the best results.

It’s the same with a new company wide safety launch.  You have to keep monitoring the results, keep people on track and modify instructions if they are not working.

Digicast can work with your company to develop:

  • Your safety goal
  • Your calendar of communication events
  • Safety speeches that get your staff motivated
  • Launch videos that grab the attention of staff
  • Communication strategies to keep staff motivated to reach your safety goals and aligned with your core values.
  • Post launch research to measure the effectiveness of your new initiatives and to provide recommendations to improve.

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