Induction Booklets and Training Manuals

Induction and trainingDo you want high quality induction training booklets that guide your trainers on how to conduct training sessions so that training is consistent and engaging across all your sites?

Educational researchers have found that 83% of human learning occurs visually.  The right brain prefers visuals and can process pictures hundreds of times faster than words.

When it comes to producing training materials, it’s a good practice to use as many visuals as you can.  And to really increase engagement, try and get trainees to touch, see and hear (obviously, taste and smell aren’t suitable to all industries, but they work especially well in food).  Use as many of the senses as you can during training.

At Digicast, we design training materials that include:

  • Lots of visuals elements such as appealing graphic design and photos
  • Instructional design principles that focus on active training to get the best training outcomes.  This includes designing trainer’s sessions that have a variety of questions and demonstrations to engage trainees, as well as incorporating activities that use a variety of senses for maximum learning.

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