Dear Safety Leaders, HSE and Communication Professionals,

You know it's time to improve your safety communication skills when:

  • Your employees are too busy to stop and take safety issues seriously.
  • You want to be a relevant, vital safety resource to the management team.
  • You're about to introduce a new safety management system and you want people to embrace it
  • You waste time and energy trying to work out what to say to engage.

As a safety professional, you're a seasoned pro when it comes to understanding compliance and designing safety management systems.

But, do you know how to engage your workers, so they take action on key safety messages?

The truth is, there are few courses that teach leaders what you truly need to know to efficiently and effectively get your safety messages across to staff.

At no time, do you ever get trained on how to encourage your workforce to pay attention, understand and take action on key safety messages.  The very key steps to developing safety excellence.

Marie-Claire_Ross.jpegOver the past 20 years, we've worked with over 65 large companies around the world, designing, testing and launching both internal and external communication programs. 

We specialise in working with large industrial companies on improving their safety communication and training materials such as Incitec Pivot, Rio Tinto, Domaine Chandon and Murray Goulburn

During this time, we've developed an effective communication system that helps our clients generate amazing results - saving thousands of dollars on reducing injuries, improving productivity and shortened training time.  Our clients discover that their workforce even enjoys receiving safety communication. 

Now, we are able to share how we've helped these companies by providing you with the skills to both easily create engaging safety materials and talk about safety -  so your workforce understand the information, remembers and most importantly, take action.

Introducing - the Fast Track Your Safety Communication Results Training Program



Here are the Outcomes we intend for those who complete the Fast Track your Safety Communication Results Training Program...

Orange tickYou know exactly how to write engaging safety content that gets everyone instantly understanding and knowing what to do.

checkmarkYou have the confidence to easily create safety messages that inspire action from your staff (regardless of how cynical they may have been).

checkmarkYou know how to use a easy & quick template to produce safety communication that garbs the attention of your workforce.

checkmarkYou finally get useful feedback and responses from workers about safety.

All participants who successfully complete the course receive a Fastrack Your Safety Communication Results certificate.  In addition, depending upon your safety association, the course can count towards CPD points.

Take a look at how other safety communicators have found our training....




Here are the 4 proven steps you learn in the Fast Track Your Safety Communication Results....



We start with how to start producing your safety communication within your organisation.

You'll learn how to:

  • Create meaningful messages that hit the mark and get your audience's attention.

  • Overcome "we've heard this all before" bias using 3 emotional triggers

  • Learn 5 simple strategies to get people's full attention and keep it.

  • Understand how to correctly incorporate visuals.


Now that we've got people's attention, it's time to ensure they understand safety information correctly, so that it doesn't get misinterpreted.

In this step, you'll learn how to:

  • Use a three step formula that encourages the brain to take action on your safety message.

  • Learn how to write concise information, so that people don't switch off.
  • 3 strategies to help people understand complex information.
  • Inspire your workplace by using powerful words and avoid resistance with destructive words.




Now, that we've got people's attention and they can understand what they need to do, it's time to make your messages stick in their mind, so they instantly know what to do.  This is how you make safety front of mind for all employees.

In this step, you'll:

  • Design all of your safety communication so that it always works towards helping people recall the information.

  • Choose the right words to make your message memorable.



Yes, there is a way to get people to take action on your safety information!   This is how you achieve workplace tranformation by easily and efficicently creating safety messages.  Learn how to embed action into your communication, so that your information always encourages behaviour change.

Here you'll learn how to:

  • Revamp your safety safety communication by learning and mastering techniques to improve writing your communication.

  • Create safety content that speaks to your employees and reduces staff frustration.

The Fast Track Your Safety Communication Results includes:


The Fast Track Your Safety Communication Results is a two day interactive workshop facilitated by Marie-Claire Ross, the author of Transform Your Safety Communication.   It includes guidebooks and "done-for-you" templates. 

If you are interested in having a workshop at your organisation, let's chat.  Email us now with your name and questions and we will set up a time to talk.  Or call 03 9696-4400.


Your Facilitator - Marie-Claire Ross

Marie-Claire Ross is the author of the highly acclaimed book Transform Your Safety Communication and the Workplace Communicator Blog that’s read by more than 10,000 people per month.  As the CEO of Digicast, she works with large companies such as Incitec Pivot, Domaine Chandon, CSR Viridian and Murray Goulburn to make safety communication more meaningful.  She has also been interviewed in BRW magazine and on “Technology Behind Business” for Sky Business News.



Need to get your boss to approve?  Download the Fast Track Your Safety Communication Results brochure.

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