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4 Steps to get Breakthroughs on your Safety Problems

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Mon, Oct 20, 2014

Back in the late 1960s, two psychologists, Getzels and Csikszentmihaly, did some research among some art students to uncover how they approached an arts project.  They started by  dividing the students into two groups.  One group undertook the project with the mindset of trying to solve a problem by asking, "How can I produce a good drawing?"  While the second group, tried to find a problem.  They asked "What good drawing can I produce?" based on the tools they had to use.

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A Surprising Study into Australian Workplace Health and Safety

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Mon, Oct 13, 2014

This week guest author, Simon Hart from Enhance Solutions take us through a new research study that publishes some surprising studies on workplace safety.  Are men more committed to safety than women?  Which industries are more likely to have the most injuries?  Read on to find out.

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5 Mistakes that make your Safety Communication Confusing

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Sun, Oct 5, 2014

Communication is an interesting thing.  No matter how many years you have been talking, writing or even managing other people, your communication abilities fluctuate. 

While it is mostly true that those with concise and clear communication skills are more likely to be promoted to leadership positions, the skills that got you there won't keep you there.

Communication skills are one of those things you have got to be consciously improving on a regular basis.  After all, we can get so lazy in our communication.  Have you ever tried to write a directive email while talking on the phone, before rushing to a meeting?  The chances are your email was unclear and confusing.

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A Day at the National Safety Council Expo, San Diego

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Thu, Sep 18, 2014

After many years of being told how amazing the National Safety Council Congress and Expo is in San Diego, I finally had the pleasure of attending this week.

I headed off to San Diego on the Pacific Surfliner train from Los Angeles.  It was a relaxing and scenic 2.5 hour journey where the train is literally right beside the ocean.  I was most surprised to see a plethora of surfers at 7.00am, as well as joggers and walkers.  As someone who jogs by my local beach at the same time, when only a handful of people are about, it was refreshing to see so many people on such a long stretch of beach.

Arriving at the San Diego Conference Centre too early, I decided to have a coffee.  Luckily, for me there were 3 Starbucks to choose from alongside the conference centre.  Phew!  Each one of them had queues that were 20 minutes long.  Hmmmm.

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How to Make Toolbox Talks Interesting When Following a Script

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Mon, Sep 8, 2014

As someone who writes and communicates my thoughts freely, it was a shock to hear from one of my Fast Track your Safety Communication Results students that she has to follow a script for toolbox talks.

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3 Steps to Help Employees make the Right Decision with Safety

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Sun, Aug 24, 2014

We all have different styles when it comes to making decisions.  When it comes to making a choice at work, how do you like to operate?

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Are you Working against how the Brain Processes Safety Information?

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Sun, Jul 27, 2014

One mistake I often see safety professionals do, is that once they have created a new company safety procedure, they get all excited about it and go and tell the next colleague they see.  Usually their workmate has their mind on something else such as they're busy filling out a form or using a machine.

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3 Reasons Safety Professionals need to be Safety Marketers

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Mon, Jul 21, 2014

In the book, Transform your Safety Communication, it's mentioned that the secret to safety professionals changing attitudes or improving the way people undertake procedures is using marketing-based techniques.

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5 Reasons Why Safety Professionals with Big Egos Hurt Safety

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Mon, Jul 14, 2014

Recently, I was telling someone not involved in the safety industry that the reason why I enjoyed safety communication is that it's about saving lives.  She mentioned that this was a really wonderful way to connect with other safety professionals.  However, I shocked her when I said "Few safety professionals care about saving lives, it's all about being right or about being compliant."

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You know you suck at being a Safety Influencer when...

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Sun, Jul 6, 2014

Recently, I was talking to Julie Honore from Safesearch, a safety professional recruitment company that specialise in finding safety staff in Asia, Australia and the Middle East.  She told me that there is a growing demand for sophisticated safety professionals that can coach, influence and engage on safety.

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