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How to Promote a Superior Product & Train Technicians Cost-effectively

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Sat, May 12, 2012 @ 04:05 AM

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Corporate videoIf you’ve ever experienced getting a spray tan in a tent, you know it’s an uncomfortable and messy experience.

Spray tan fumes go everywhere, the tent is sticky and dirty and often the technician has a difficult time spraying smoothly. The result is that women have an upsetting salon experience and leave disappointed with their uneven, orange “Oompa Loompa tan”.

So the clever people at Tuscan Tan, developed a spray tan system that makes getting a spray tan a pleasant experience with a range of spray-tanning products.

However, Tuscan Tan needed a better way to demonstrate their product and training of spray technicians.

Here’s how we solved the problem

"The main challenges we were facing when trying to sell our products to potential customers unfamiliar with spray on tan, was firstly during the initial telephone enquiry when trying to explain the differences and advantages of using quality equipment and products which provide superior performance and results, as opposed to using equipment and products of lesser quality and a lower price point. The second challenge was the prospective customer then trying to find time to visit our showroom for a physical product demonstration.

The purpose of featuring a video on our website was to serve as virtual demonstration to provide potential customers with an easy opportunity to get acquainted with the Tuscan Tan brand and familiarise themselves with our products. When further enquiry is then made, the prospective customer is more informed and interested, so their willingness to brief given to Digicast was that we wanted the video to showcase the Tuscan Tan brand whilst at the same time clearly demonstrate why our products are better than competitor products competing within the same category.

To effectively deliver this information, Digicast suggested a short 4 minute video in a ‘story’ type format. The video would begin by giving the viewer a brief insight into the problems commonly experienced when using cheaper products of lesser quality, then in stark contrast, demonstrate the key beneficial features Tuscan Tan products offer in comparison. Customer testimonial then follows, with the video concluding with an overview of what we offer”.

"As a result we are experiencing a higher success rate in sales conversion"

And here’s what happened

"Since the demonstration video went live on our website, review of weekly Google analytic reporting shows significant increase in view times within the 2 -5 minute and 10 -15 minute time slots, which is consistent with a higher proportion of site visitors watching the video. As hoped, we are also receiving increased volume of email and telephone enquiry by potential customers who are more informed about our brand and the products we offer, and keen to discuss the prospect of adding Tuscan Tan to their salon’s line of services. As a result we are experiencing a higher success rate in sales conversion.

Due to the success of the demonstration video, we have since followed on with a fully comprehensive online training video for customers whom have purchased our products. Training on the operation and use of our products is imperative, however, if a customer is located interstate or in a remote area, providing onsite training can be costly and prohibitive due to location. The online training video alleviates this. It has also been sent to all existing customers, as it is a great aid for salon managers to train new staff or refresh the minds of staff members whom have had onsite training previously.

By watching the training video, the viewer learns how to set up and operate the equipment and how to apply a spray on tan using the Tuscan Tan spray technique. They also learn about Tuscan Tan’s retail range of skin care products so that they can provide clients with the right before and after care information to help them achieve the best spray on tan result. Lastly, they learn how to carry out general user equipment maintenance.

Since the training video was made readily accessible to all our customers online (password protected), we now receive fewer questions, fewer complaints, and fewer service call outs. We are also using it more frequently in place of onsite training without any negative customer feedback.

Working with Digicast to produce these videos was well worth it as their experience and knowledge in the production of both marketing and educational videos is extensive. Their ideas and suggestions are innovative and creative yet they still manage to work within the successfully tried and tested production formats."

Samantha Fitzpatrick, CEO, Tuscan Tan

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