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Getting Retailers Excited about Wattyl with a Custom Training Video

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Tue, Apr 17, 2012 @ 07:04 AM

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Wattyl is an iconic paint brand both in Australia and in New Zealand.

In order to demonstrate the galvanised and successful business relationship between The Wattyl Group and Paint Place, a conference video was created to excite the paint industry about Wattyl brands and achievements.

Here’s how we solved their problem:

  1. Due to limited time, we only had grainy still photos and mpeg videos to work from.  We used special effects and design techniques to make the video look appealing.  It was set to a music track targeted to a male audience of 35 – 55 year old demographic to generate buzz and excitement at the conference.
  2. We wrote a motivating and exciting script to highlight Wattyl’s history, innovation and successful history in the market place.

And here’s what happened:

  1. The conference video created enormous excitement and even lead to a significant increase in paint sales during the conference.
  2. Senior staff at Wattyl were amazed at the promotional capability of a marketing video.  It even motivated and excited Wattyl staff about their own company.
  3. Different versions of the video were created to be used at other industry conferences to generate the same enthusiasm and positive spirit that was driven by a creative short with cutting edge technology.

"Delivering a high quality production with minimal fuss"

"My experience in working with Digicast Productions has been on of the most beneficial experiences when outsourcing vital projects. The team at Digicast worked diligently to gain a comprehensive understanding of our project requirements, whilst adding a vital creative element which few other agencies can deliver. Digicast has recently created for us a short video complete with modern creative elements and the latest digital mastery and this is what happened next....Rave reviews from retailers have dubbed the video the best presentation EVER at a conference leading to a overwhelming sense of excitement, enhanced brand and corporate visibility in the marketplace and most importantly, a significant increase in sales. Furthermore, when operating under a tight deadline, Digicast Productions really came through delivering a high quality production with minimal fuss. Thank you to the team at Digicast Productions"!

Jason Demiri, Retail Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator, The Wattyl Group