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Promoting Safe Bicycle Riding to the Community with Training Videos

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Tue, Apr 17, 2012 @ 05:04 AM


Cycling Promotion Fund (CPF) is a not-for-profit organization whose key objective is to increase the level of safe cycling in Australia.

CPF received a TAC community road safety grant to produce a series of educational video clips on safe bike riding techniques.

The main objective was:

To improve the confidence of bike riders on the roads, in order to increase the number of bike riders.

Here’s how we solved the problem:

  1. CPF used a consultative approach whereby they talked to various bicycle groups about road safety issues that concerned them.  They then wrote four scripts that covered the safety issues for heavy vehicles and cyclists, dealing with Intersections, cyclists visibility and cyclists and car doors.
  2. Digicast reviewed the scripts and made sure that they were written in a conversational language suitable to train bike riders. 
  3. Filming then began at various locations across Melbourne.  Due to the complexity of the shots required, a detailed shot list was written to ensure that filming was undertaken as efficiently as possible.
  4. We then edited each training video and made sure that the information was easy to understand.  Titles were used to reinforce important information.

And here’s what happened

  • To date, the training videos were well received at their launch at Federation Square by radio personality Matt Tilley. 
  • Cyclists can watch the training videos on YouTube and Cycling Promotion Fund plays the training videos at seminars.

"I found Digicast to be very adaptive and customer focused"

“Digicast Productions helped us create a series of training videos to provide practical tips for bicycle riders on how to avoid some common risks when cycling. We have received lots of positive feedback for the video clips, in terms of the quality and the clarity of the messages. At a recent showing to high school students, they were able to recall all of the key messages, which is really what you want.

I found Digicast to be very adaptive, customer focused and they were really prepared to listen to our expectations and translate it into an achievable reality. It’s the commitment to excellence and making sure the video clips were meeting our objectives that makes Digicast really stand out”.

Rosemarie Speidel, Program Director
Cycling Promotion Fund


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