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3 Strategies to Build and Enhance Safety Leadership

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Fri, Apr 28, 2017 @ 10:04 AM


I am very excited to announced that I am speaking at the Safety First Expo in Melbourne on Tuesday 11 May at 10.30am.

In my presentation I will be covering:

  • The role of trust in improving collaboration, safety outcomes and harnessing the collective intelligence of their workforce.
  • How to communicate, engage and empower employees, in order to build trust.
  • 3 important pillars to build a high performing safety leadership culture.

If you are frustrated with the lack of progress in improving employee or contractor awareness of safety or just want some new insights to consider, this session is for you.

You can find out more at:

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Improving Manual Handling Training Standards for Plasterboard Workers

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Tue, Jun 5, 2012 @ 23:06 PM

Download the "Working together to raise the training standards of  plasterboard workers in Manual Handling across Australasia" case study.



GBMA plasterboard workersGypsum Board Manufacturers of Australasia (GBMA) is a plasterboard industry association that includes members from CSR, Boral, Lafarge, BGC and Winstone Wallboards (New Zealand). In order to systemize plasterboard manual handling tasks across the industry, GBMA wanted to collaboratively produce an industry specific manual handling video with complementary training materials.

In order to do this, they needed a clear and concise training video with medical animations to clearly educate 3,000 plasterboard workers on how to correctly handle plasterboard materials. A trainer’s manual and employee handbook with assessment questionnaires, as well as posters were also required.

Here’s how we solved the problem

Manual handling training packageGBMA needed training materials that would be able to withstand extreme scrutiny, so they needed to made at the highest level possible.

  • Digicast collated training materials from all five member companies and wrote a script that would meet all OHS and company requirements. The input from many safety committee meetings were taken onboard to ensure applicability to all five companies.
  • During the shoot, a physiotherapist was present to ensure that all 15 manual handling tasks were undertaken correctly. Every shot was carefully planned so that workers could clearly understand what to do.
  • Still photos were also taken for display in the employee’s handbook. Medical animations were also created and checked by the physiotherapist to ensure that they correctly showed how the body works.

And here’s what happened

“The training materials have filled a significant need within the plasterboard industry”

GBMA plasterboard manTo date, the manual handling training video has been shown to 3,000 people. Due to its high quality, it is also being rolled out to construction and manufacturing industries to highlight manual handling risks to these workers involved with plasterboard.

The training materials have filled a significant need within the plasterboard industry with member companies already finding that it is a vast improvement on previous training materials.

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How a Steel Manufacturer Dropped Injury Rates with Training Videos

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Sat, May 12, 2012 @ 04:05 AM


training videosA well known steel manufacturer needed a cost effective and quick way to train staff and contractors on their isolation process.

Digicast was awarded a LearnX Award because of the following:

A. Financial - We have saved the Steel Manufacturer a conservative estimate of $30,000 per year or $150,000 over the five year life of their training videos.

This was achieved by:

  • Removing the need for an external training facilitator.

  • Providing flexible training, resulting in no more training being done in overtime

  • Reducing training time from four hours down to less than one hour.

Training video awardB. Improving Learner Skills - The Steel Manufacturer noted an immediate improvement in new inductees understanding the new training information.

This was achieved by:

  • Consistent training - the previous three facilitators were training new inductees differently which caused confusion.

  • No more gaps in knowledge - workers now quickly learn the right way to undertake their procedures, as the mystery behind the systems has been removed.

  • Reduction in the number of incidents - staff incidents are now caused from lack of inattention rather than non standard ways of performing a task.

"We now have some engaging and well written training videos"

"Properly training our staff is an imperative. We now have some engaging and well written training videos that are giving us great results. This removes the need to hold classroom sessions with a facilitator and also the need to do the training on overtime to line up with the classroom times. Thanks for your professionalism every step of the way from script writing, project management, filming and editing. We enjoyed the video production experience and are very happy with the outcome."

Mike Hamilton, Technical Services Manager
Steel Manufacturer

Download the "Best Use of Video in a Training Program" case study.

How to Promote Mental Health Services to Emergency Volunteers

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Sat, May 12, 2012 @ 04:05 AM


CFA training videoThe Country Fire Authority (CFA) is one of the world’s largest volunteer-based emergency service organisations. Around 50,000 volunteers help to prevent and suppress fires, with an additional 10,000 paid staff.

Around 35,000 incidents are responded to by the CFA Brigade each year. Some of these incidents include long exposure to difficult fires. CFA is one of those great companies that cares deeply about their staff and volunteers. They have put together an extensive support system to help members with mental health and personal difficulties.

CFA wanted to let members know that the likelihood of exposure to a traumatic incident is high and that the sooner they get help the better off they will be.

Induction training manualA training video with trainer’s manual was agreed to be the best method to raise awareness among volunteers and paid personnel about the need to seek help and the services available.

Here’s how we solved the problem

A 23 minute training video was created that contained the following elements:

  1. To grab the attention of viewers and to make them realise the importance of mental health, various stories were written about CFA volunteers and how various emergency or personal events had affected their mental health or close family members. Actors were used to play out the various scenarios which also included peers, chaplains and psychologists discussing their role in helping members.
  2. A brain animation was developed to show how the brain is affected during a stressful event. A stray dog was coaxed into chasing a ball in front of a car to show a stressful situation (no animal was harmed in this production).
  3. Senior CFA leaders also spoke to camera to discuss the importance of mental health with all CFA members and their desire to make sure all members were properly looked after.

"This product now provides current information that is presented in an engaging way"

And here’s what happened

Induction training videoThe DVD’s and trainer’s manuals are gradually being rolled out across Victoria.

As of writing, three facilitators training sessions had been undertaken with around 100 attendees.

"This product now provides current information that is presented in an engaging way helping us to choose the appropriate delivery method. Getting to know our business were important things that Digicast did, they were also available to answer our questions as we went through the process. Our stakeholders are happy with the result."

Michele Konheiser
Project Coordinator - Diversity Unit
People & Culture Division
Country Fire Authority

Download the "How to Promote Mental Health Services to Emergency Volunteers" case study.

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How to Promote a Superior Product & Train Technicians Cost-effectively

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Sat, May 12, 2012 @ 04:05 AM

Download the "How to Promote a Superior Product and Train Technicians cost effectively" case study.



Corporate videoIf you’ve ever experienced getting a spray tan in a tent, you know it’s an uncomfortable and messy experience.

Spray tan fumes go everywhere, the tent is sticky and dirty and often the technician has a difficult time spraying smoothly. The result is that women have an upsetting salon experience and leave disappointed with their uneven, orange “Oompa Loompa tan”.

So the clever people at Tuscan Tan, developed a spray tan system that makes getting a spray tan a pleasant experience with a range of spray-tanning products.

However, Tuscan Tan needed a better way to demonstrate their product and training of spray technicians.

Here’s how we solved the problem

"The main challenges we were facing when trying to sell our products to potential customers unfamiliar with spray on tan, was firstly during the initial telephone enquiry when trying to explain the differences and advantages of using quality equipment and products which provide superior performance and results, as opposed to using equipment and products of lesser quality and a lower price point. The second challenge was the prospective customer then trying to find time to visit our showroom for a physical product demonstration.

The purpose of featuring a video on our website was to serve as virtual demonstration to provide potential customers with an easy opportunity to get acquainted with the Tuscan Tan brand and familiarise themselves with our products. When further enquiry is then made, the prospective customer is more informed and interested, so their willingness to brief given to Digicast was that we wanted the video to showcase the Tuscan Tan brand whilst at the same time clearly demonstrate why our products are better than competitor products competing within the same category.

To effectively deliver this information, Digicast suggested a short 4 minute video in a ‘story’ type format. The video would begin by giving the viewer a brief insight into the problems commonly experienced when using cheaper products of lesser quality, then in stark contrast, demonstrate the key beneficial features Tuscan Tan products offer in comparison. Customer testimonial then follows, with the video concluding with an overview of what we offer”.

"As a result we are experiencing a higher success rate in sales conversion"

And here’s what happened

"Since the demonstration video went live on our website, review of weekly Google analytic reporting shows significant increase in view times within the 2 -5 minute and 10 -15 minute time slots, which is consistent with a higher proportion of site visitors watching the video. As hoped, we are also receiving increased volume of email and telephone enquiry by potential customers who are more informed about our brand and the products we offer, and keen to discuss the prospect of adding Tuscan Tan to their salon’s line of services. As a result we are experiencing a higher success rate in sales conversion.

Due to the success of the demonstration video, we have since followed on with a fully comprehensive online training video for customers whom have purchased our products. Training on the operation and use of our products is imperative, however, if a customer is located interstate or in a remote area, providing onsite training can be costly and prohibitive due to location. The online training video alleviates this. It has also been sent to all existing customers, as it is a great aid for salon managers to train new staff or refresh the minds of staff members whom have had onsite training previously.

By watching the training video, the viewer learns how to set up and operate the equipment and how to apply a spray on tan using the Tuscan Tan spray technique. They also learn about Tuscan Tan’s retail range of skin care products so that they can provide clients with the right before and after care information to help them achieve the best spray on tan result. Lastly, they learn how to carry out general user equipment maintenance.

Since the training video was made readily accessible to all our customers online (password protected), we now receive fewer questions, fewer complaints, and fewer service call outs. We are also using it more frequently in place of onsite training without any negative customer feedback.

Working with Digicast to produce these videos was well worth it as their experience and knowledge in the production of both marketing and educational videos is extensive. Their ideas and suggestions are innovative and creative yet they still manage to work within the successfully tried and tested production formats."

Samantha Fitzpatrick, CEO, Tuscan Tan

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Case Study: The Importance of Being a Murray Goulburn Truck Driver

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Sat, May 12, 2012 @ 04:05 AM

Download the "How to Raise Awareness of the Importance of being a Murray Goulburn Truck Driver" case study.



"Murray Goulburn Cooperative Co Ltd transport division is unique. Our drivers are not only the delivery or collection person for our company, they are our ambassadors for the business. In many cases, they form the linkage between shareholder suppliers and the factories they supply.

With this in mind the video that we devised, with the help and guidance of Digicast, had to clearly articulate this in the messages we were sending to our driving teams. The importance of the message could not be lost and the team at Digicast were able to keep this front of mind in the production of this training DVD."

Here’s what we did

A 45 minute truck driver training video was created that:

  • Explains what the company does and the products it creates.
  • Discusses the importance of being a Murray Goulburn ambassador and why being a truck driver is so important to the success of Murray Gouburn.
  • Demonstrates all of the important processes including fatigue management, personal hygiene and cleaning the tanker.
  • Has each topic as a separate playable chapter, to allow trainees to easily view relevant information, rather than have to scroll through the video.
  • Was written in friendly language to make staff feel welcome and to understand the importance of their role at Murray Goulburn.

"We are extremely happy with the DVD’s final presentation."

And here’s what happened

"The DVD has been widely accepted throughout the transport depots across the state.

We have now a consistent message being sent to drivers within the group regardless of their geographic position and this is returning positive results throughout the group.

In many of the depots the DVD is being run on a continuous loop and quite often people whom are not connected with the transport division will pass comment on the DVD as they visit our depots.

We are extremely happy with the DVD’s final presentation its level of professionalism and clear messages. The team at Digicast was courteous and responded to all of our requests and handled the project with care and professionalism and it was a pleasure to work with them on this project."

Brad Close, Transport Manager - Safety & Compliance, Murray Goulburn

Promoting Company Expertise in an Engaging Manner

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Tue, Apr 17, 2012 @ 07:04 AM


Suzlon Energy Australia is the largest turnkey constructor, operator and maintenance service provider of grid-connected wind farms in Australia.  It is a subsidiary of Suzlon Energy Ltd, one of the world’s leading wind turbine manufacturers, with operations around the globe.

Back in 2006, Suzlon was awarded a contract to construct the AGL Hallet wind farm, 220 kilometres north of Adelaide. Over a 2.5 year period, Digicast was involved with filming all stages of the wind farm as it was built – from road construction, manufacturing, delivery, installation, launch and maintenance.

suzlon turbine farm1 thumb resized 600

Suzlon required a production house that could supply camera operators at short notice to the remote location, as well as develop a marketing video for both their client (AGL Energy Limited) and their own promotional purposes.

Here’s how we solved their problem:

suzlon turbine thumb resized 600

  1. We developed a robust time lapse photography system, in order to film the installation of a complete wind tower in extreme windy and wet conditions.
  2. A technical script was written for AGL to showcase to viewers at their visitor centre the construction of a wind tower.
  3. For Suzlon, their immediate marketing need was to promote their credentials and capabilities at trade shows. Rather than produce a traditional style corporate video of around eight minutes in length, we convinced them to have a short and inspiring trade show video to lure passers-by.

And here’s what happened:

  1. AGL is very happy with their informative corporate video that gets constant viewers everyday at their visitor centre.
  2. Suzlon has an engaging promotional video that grabs attention and makes them stand out from the crowd. Copies of it are constantly requested by influential stakeholders.


"We have no hesitation in recommending their services"

"Everyone, from clients, suppliers through to industry professionals and our own staff, are very impressed with the Suzlon trade show video.  We’ve had a really positive reaction to it - it grabs people’s attention, is very informative and in just a short space of time gives us an opportunity to deliver our messages to a focused audience in a highly professional manner.  Copies of the DVD have been requested by various clients and industry organisations, to demonstrate the construction of a wind farm to their own audiences. Digicast did a great job in filming and producing the DVD for us and we have no hesitation in recommending their services".

Deiny Peterson, Marketing & Sales Co-ordinator, Suzlon Energy Australia Pty Ltd


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Getting Retailers Excited about Wattyl with a Custom Training Video

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Tue, Apr 17, 2012 @ 07:04 AM

Backgroundwattyl logo resized 600

Wattyl is an iconic paint brand both in Australia and in New Zealand.

In order to demonstrate the galvanised and successful business relationship between The Wattyl Group and Paint Place, a conference video was created to excite the paint industry about Wattyl brands and achievements.

Here’s how we solved their problem:

  1. Due to limited time, we only had grainy still photos and mpeg videos to work from.  We used special effects and design techniques to make the video look appealing.  It was set to a music track targeted to a male audience of 35 – 55 year old demographic to generate buzz and excitement at the conference.
  2. We wrote a motivating and exciting script to highlight Wattyl’s history, innovation and successful history in the market place.

And here’s what happened:

  1. The conference video created enormous excitement and even lead to a significant increase in paint sales during the conference.
  2. Senior staff at Wattyl were amazed at the promotional capability of a marketing video.  It even motivated and excited Wattyl staff about their own company.
  3. Different versions of the video were created to be used at other industry conferences to generate the same enthusiasm and positive spirit that was driven by a creative short with cutting edge technology.

"Delivering a high quality production with minimal fuss"

"My experience in working with Digicast Productions has been on of the most beneficial experiences when outsourcing vital projects. The team at Digicast worked diligently to gain a comprehensive understanding of our project requirements, whilst adding a vital creative element which few other agencies can deliver. Digicast has recently created for us a short video complete with modern creative elements and the latest digital mastery and this is what happened next....Rave reviews from retailers have dubbed the video the best presentation EVER at a conference leading to a overwhelming sense of excitement, enhanced brand and corporate visibility in the marketplace and most importantly, a significant increase in sales. Furthermore, when operating under a tight deadline, Digicast Productions really came through delivering a high quality production with minimal fuss. Thank you to the team at Digicast Productions"!

Jason Demiri, Retail Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator, The Wattyl Group

Raising Manual Handling Training Standards for Glass Workers

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Tue, Apr 17, 2012 @ 05:04 AM



CSR Viridian is the largest glass manufacturer in Australia and New Zealand.

By its very nature, glass is a difficult product to work with safely.  As a whole, the industry has a high injury rate, the most common being manual handling injuries.

In order to keep around 1,000 workers safe across Australia and New Zealand, Viridian commissioned Digicast to produce a comprehensive, high quality training package.

The main objectives were to:

  • Increase worker understanding and knowledge about how to handle glass.
  • Reduce sprains and strains injuries.
  • Reduce the manual handling injury rate.
  • Be seen as the safety leaders in the inustry.
  • Refresh current staff easily on an "as-needs" basis.


Here’s how we solved the problem:

trainer manual example 231x211 resized 600

In order to engage workers and to clearly commnunicate how to undertake procedures safely, we designed a workplace training package that:

  1. Centred around engaging video modules.  Humans are more likely to recall visual information and we are amazing at remembering pictures.  The right brain prefers visuals and can process pictures hundreds of times faster than text.  By filming demonstrations of correct procedures and even developing a medical animation to highlight how the back gets injured during incorrect manual handling procedures, workers have quickly understood best practice.
  2. Included a trainer's manual that incorporated lots of advanced learning techniques to keep the attention of worker's during the four hour training session.  The session was designed to be as active as possible and included a multisensory environment, demonstrations with coaching, questions to encourage trainees to discuss manual handling experiences, as well as a quiz at the end.
  3. Designed to foster worker alignment with the material by assigning each trainee with their own pocket sized handbook.  Photos and graphic design elements were incorporated to encourage workers to refer to the manual when required.. An iconic glass worker dude was included into all of the training materials such as the handbooks, video and posters, to help staff remember the information.

Break out glass even better 154x232 resized 600

And here’s what happened:

Digicast worked with Viridian to create a successful launch campaign that included a launch event that staff were invited to at every manufacturing site.  The launch included a video movie trailer, demonstrations and a comprehensive communication campaign to reiterate training objectives over a thee month period.

To date, the manual handling training video is currently being rolled out. Due to its high quality, it is also being rolled out to other glass manufacturing companies.

We expect to have results early next year.

For further information about creating effective workplace training packages, visit:

The Secret behind Consistent Workplace Training

How to get Staff remembering Training Information

To talk to Digicast about creating a workplace training or safety communication package, fill out this form here or call us on 03 9696 4400.

How a Quarry Safety Manager greatly improved Safety Awareness among Contractors

Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Tue, Apr 17, 2012 @ 05:04 AM

GoldLogo 250x168

Conundrum Holdings’ quarry sites are involved in the extraction and processing of source rock to produce a variety of crushed rock products.  They are also involved in the manufacture and delivery of pre-mixed concrete and have sites in metropolitan and regional Victoria.

Conundrum has a high number of contractors entering their sites each week (over 300 per year).  Individual inductions were taking a lot of time by management and reduced their time on other business tasks.  The inductions also relied heavily on the communication and training skills of each manager.  As a result, individual inductions may have been inconsistent and there was no permanent record of what was actually delivered in each induction.

Here’s how we solved the problem:

Conundrum needed training materials that would be able to withstand extreme scrutiny and that could be used to train a variety of staff and contractors..

conun outside thumb
  1. Using our Digicast Training Methodology, we converted the training materials into a friendly, conversational script in easy to understand English.  This was then approved by the safety committee.
  2. During filming, care was taken to ensure that every single learning message was shot from a variety of angles to make comprehension clear (and to make the training video more interesting).
  3. While with the edit, we paid extra attention to making sure that the all of the training messages were clear and could be understood by a school student.  Titles were added to increase message comprehension and retention.
  4. All of the training sections were edited into stand alone chapters, allowing different contractors to be shown training video components that are relevant to their activities on site, rather than going through all of the induction video.
  5. Each person now watches the video online and is assessed on the content.  This ensures that Conundrum knows that contractors have understood all the information.  The online system alerts the site manager as to whether a contractor passed the test and also when they need to be refreshed.

And here’s what happened:

  • Management has greatly reduced their need for one-on-one training and now have time to complete other business tasks.  Length of time to train has decreased by 68% (from 42 to 13 minutes).  This is saving Conundrum $20,000 a year by reducing site manager's time to train by 2.5 hours per week.
  • Contractors are more involved with the training, with video being an engaging media irrespective of literacy levels.  Now, workers learn the information much quicker and understand it all better than before.
  • It has increased the perception both internally and externally that Conundrum cares about safety and their workers.
  • Conundrum Holdings has been thrilled with the quality of the production and that they now have engaging training materials of a high standard.

"They were able to deliver our project on time and to a very high standard."

"We continuously aim to improve the safety and productivity of our sites. Now that we have a quality training tool that can be incorporated into our site induction process, it has reduced the time to train staff/contractors by 68%. A major benefit has been the saving to management time which is saving us around 2.5 hours per week or $20,000 a year.  Site managers actually have more time to get on with the task of actually managing their sites.  But more importantly, it still ensures that the inductions are of a consistently high standard and we no longer get complaints from contractors about having to sit through another dull induction.

I’ve been really happy with the whole process and we have received some very positive feedback already. I found the staff at Digicast were very easy to work with and they were able to deliver our project on time and to a very high standard."

Tom Kerr, OHS Manager/Quality Assurance Manager, Conundrum Holdings

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